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Extracurricular at-home dance lessons to expand your practice

Depending on how you view your dance experience, dancing is like fitness and diet: it can be something you do for a while or in bursts, but it’s best when you consider it your lifestyle. Just like making fitness and activity a part of a healthy lifestyle, dance can supplement or complement those goals.

To expand your practice, consider using this routine for each day of the week. While our students usually get the most out of their time and investment with Arthur Murray by taking part in frequent private and group classes, and regular attendance at our studio practice parties, we recognize that some students may not have the ability to do so.  So, we have come up with some basic exercises that can be done at home to assist your learning.  These exercises are simple and quick ways to help our students get into dancing faster, but are not necessary to fully enjoy your experience at Arthur Murray Dance Centers.

For the best results, your instructor can work with you to develop an individual practice schedule. Every student comes to learn dance for their own individual reasons, and each of our dance programs are individualized based on what you need.

Monday: Music day

Most people think they have no rhythm.  This is simply not the case. The fact is that the number one reason that people struggle to move fluidly to music is that they have not practiced moving body parts to music. You exercise today is very simple. Listen to music as much as possible and tap out the beat with your hands or feet. This will help you to feel the rhythm of different music and get your hands and feet to move to move to the beat. Start with your favorite songs and then move out to other kinds of music.

Tuesday:  Watch videos of dancers

While we do not suggest trying to learn solely based on videos as videos can not give you feedback and can actually frustrate people who are not strong visual learners, watching videos of performances can inspire you. YouTube has thousands of great dance performances in every style that you can watch for free and can give you a great clue into how you want to look. This is an especially good exercise if you are getting ready to do a dance for your wedding. Knowing what you like and what you don’t like will help you have a clear idea what you want to get out of dancing.

Wednesday: Walking to the beat

A simple exercise, but one that will make you much better in a very short amount of time is to put on your favorite song and walk to the beat. This will help you to coordinate your body with the music. Even better is if you can do this with a partner.

Thursday: Practice party

Take the day off and go dancing at Arthur Murray Greenwood! We host “Practice Dances” every Thursday evening at 8:15 pm. This is a perfect opportunity to have a supervised practice of your newly acquired dance skills. It’s a lot of fun too.

Friday: Practice your patterns

Try for 5 minutes to recall and practice the patterns you are learning in your lessons.  Please remember that it is perfectly normal to not remember all the patterns you are learning at first. If the words “I think it goes like this” come out of either you or your partner’s mouth, stop and go to a different pattern.  Remember that practice makes permanent, not perfect.  Perfect practice makes perfect.

In addition to these basic exercises, for more advanced students who want to challenge themselves outside of their lesson times, please check out Arthur Murray’s 30 Days of Dancing videos on YouTube. The videos are put out by top professionals and give an amazing variety of dance-specific exercises.

Arthur Murray Greenwood

Arthur Murray Greenwood