Expand your date night routine to include dancing

Couple Dancing

A dance is for a night, lessons are for a lifetime

Good dates are about learning more about your partner. Dinner and a movie are fine, but you can’t talk during the movie. Spice up your date night with dance lessons from Arthur Murray Greenwood. Just think how creative you’ll look when you suggest dance lessons instead of the usual walk around the Canal.

Indianapolis couples can enjoy a variety of venues to dance for all ages. Learning to dance at Arthur Murray Greenwood opens up a whole new world to explore across Central Indiana. From Columbus to Kokomo, we’re a short drive away.

A dance date night, or dance lessons, will do a lot for your relationship

  • Inspire confidence in yourself and your partner.
  • Get past the small-talk and staid conversations you usually fall into and enjoy a new dimension of communication.
  • Dancing is all about teamwork and reading your partner. Learn more about them than dinner and a movie ever could.
  • How many dances have you been to? For most dancing is a memorable event. Imagine what dancing lessons at Arthur Murray Greenwood can do for your relationship tonight, next week, and next year.

Arthur Murray Greenwood is open to everyone of all physical abilities, skills, and partnerships. Our instructors can help you find the right class for your style and preference.

Date night ideas for gentlemen

Many of our students come to the studio with their significant other because they are tired of the same Saturday night dates: dinner and a movie. What we can do for you is teach you the skills to create an amazing evening of romance. There is nothing better after a nice dinner than to take your date to a dance and hold them in your arms all night moving together easily and confidently. We know that many gentlemen are concerned that they won’t look or feel comfortable. Our specialty is teaching people to look and feel comfortable in any social situation quickly.

Date night ideas for ladies

Have you been trying to get your partner to go dancing for years? Tired of being the “purse watcher?” At Arthur Murray, we create a fun, pressure-free atmosphere where you and your partner can learn at your pace and have a great time doing it. Learning a new skill together is one of the most amazing ways to reconnect with your partner.

To get started view our class schedule and come to a class, or contact us to schedule a private session.

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