FAQs About Dance, What to Bring, Skills, Talent, & More

Who can attend classes?

Everyone! Arthur Murray Greenwood specializes in teaching adults, but children are welcome. People with physical disabilities, mobility issues, or those that use adaptive devices are equally welcome. Gay and lesbian couples are guaranteed to feel welcome, too.

I live in Columbus. Can I still to attend?

Yes! We’re located on the southern side of Greenwood. We’re just 43 minutes away from Columbus, and shorter if you’re on the northern edges of Columbus or Bartholowmew County. If you’re already coming to the city, or you need a date away from home, we have you covered.

Are you hiring?

Yes. Arthur Murray Greenwood is seeking talented dance professionals. No experience is required thanks to our involved training programs. Submit your resume and application.

What kinds of classes do you offer?

Arthur Murray Greenwood specializes in couples dancing, like the Tango, Hustle, Swing, Waltz, Ballroom, Cha-Cha, and Salsa. Other options are available if you have a specific style or regional variation you’d like to learn or try.

What can I do if I’m in a wheelchair or have difficulty moving?

Arthur Murray Greenwood is handicap accessible. We’ve taught numerous wonderful people with physical disabilities and wheelchair needs.

Are there benefits to dancing for fitness?

Absolutely. Simply ballroom dancing for an hour can burn 250-400 calories an hour.

Can youth and adults learn together?

Yes, however, Arthur Murray Greenwood specializes in adults seeking dance lessons. Talk to one of our instructors to talk about age-appropriate lessons and classes.

Do you have offers for large groups?

Arthur Murray Greenwood can help large groups looking for a sustained activity together. Contact us to let us know how large your group is and your availability.

Do you offer individual and private classes?

Yes and yes. Classes can be taught to individuals (or individual couples) in either small group settings or privately for differing rates. Check our class schedule to see more options.

What styles of dance do you teach?

Contemporary and classic dances for couples primarily, but Arthur Murray Greenwood has instructors that can teach ballet or dance for fitness, for instance.

What should I bring to a class?

You don’t need to bring anything, though we request you bring shoes with a back heel. Flip flips don’t make dance moves flow neatly.

Do I need to buy any special attire or equipment?

No, just yourself and depending on the dance you’re interested in learning, your partner.

Can I buy gift certificates?

Yes! Gift certificates make for a great gift for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, bridal showers, and weddings.

Why should I learn to dance?

There are many reasons, but there are three common ones:

Exercise. Maybe you are tired of going to the gym or jogging, but need to stay active. At Greenwood Arthur Murray Dance Studio, you will get a workout, but it will be while learning a skill you can share with others. During an average lesson, our students will take between 1500-2000 steps and will elevate their heart rates.

Getting ready for a special event. Going to a wedding, a work function, a night club, or out on a date can cause a lot of anxiety. Everyone wants to look and be comfortable in social settings. Most people avoid putting themselves in a situation where they will look foolish. The funny thing is we have all seen a couple get out on the floor and move comfortably and confidently and we have thought “That looks great. I wish I could do that.”

Wanting to find a social outlet: One of the things that make Arthur Murray Dance Studios as different than other studios is that we provide a weekly opportunity to dance in the studio. We have a weekly dance that is a terrific opportunity to meet new people, network, or just hang out with new friends.

Regardless of your reason for wanting to learn to dance, at the Greenwood Arthur Murray Dance Studio, we will help you to find your comfort level. Whether you want to stand out, blend in, or just get by, we will plan the perfect program for you. The staff at Greenwood Arthur Murray’s has decades of experience teaching people like yourself to be comfortable on a dance floor. We rely on a system of teaching that has been honed over the past 100 years to become the best way to learn quickly to dance for any social setting. We can help you to learn to feel the music, move your feet and bodies with grace and poise, and lead or follow your partner. Give us about an hour of your time each week, and we can help get you out of your chair and having fun on the dance floor.

I’m worried I won’t be able to learn. What then?

At the Greenwood Arthur Murray Dance Studio, we have taught both beginner dancers and advanced dancers for years. We specialize in teaching people who think that they have “Two left feet” or say, “I have no rhythm.” We will create an individualized plan with you to solve any concerns you have about your ability to dance.

How much time do lessons take?

We understand that people are busy. Because of how hectic everyone’s life is, we work with your schedule to find that right time for you. If you can give yourself 45-90 minutes a week for dancing, we promise that you will learn a lifetime skill.  Remember, learning to dance is a lot of fun too!

How much are lessons? I’m not sure I can afford them.

It is completely understandable that most people are careful with their money and how they spend it. It is also sometimes difficult to justify spending money on yourself when you have people counting on you.

The beauty of learning to dance is the money you spend over a few weeks or months will be an investment in a lifelong skill. It is true that some students are having such a fun time that they continue to take lessons for years. They have made the decision that learning to dance will become a hobby.

While we would love for that the case for all our students, it is not necessary to be a long-term student to become comfortable dancing at a wedding, a night out on the town, a cruise, or any other event in your life.

Arthur Murray Dance Studios have specialized for over a hundred years in getting people to look and feel comfortable dancing in a social setting quickly.

Also, we offer a free lesson without obligation to come in and try us out. See if you like learning to dance, because we think you will.

If I need to move away, can my lessons transfer to other studios?

The wonderful thing about taking lessons at any Arthur Murray Dance Studio is that they are completely transferable to any of the 270+ locations around the world. So, if you buy a program in Greenwood, then your job moves to Chicago, Los Angeles, Rome, Grand Rapids, or just about anywhere, there is most likely an Arthur Murray Dance Center near your new home.

If you are on vacation and you want to take some lessons, your lessons can be taken while you are relaxing. There is no charge for transferring lessons, regardless of where you go in the country.

What if I try a few lessons and then decide dancing isn’t for me? Am I stuck with a program I no longer want?

At Arthur Murray, we plan individualized programs for each person’s needs. We have programs as little as one private lesson or as many as 150 lessons. We want you to be comfortable with your dance program and your payment arrangements. For this reason, we will work with you on whatever payment arrangement works best. Also, all our lessons are guaranteed. If you are ever unsatisfied with your lesson, for whatever reason, we will not charge you for the lesson.

Finally, all our programs are cancellable at any time. If you are paying as you go, you can cancel your program, and there will be no obligation to continue to pay for future lessons. If you want a refund, you will receive a refund back for any unused lessons within 10 business days. We want our students to be comfortable and happy taking lessons and will work with you to make that happen.

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