Wedding dance lessons

Arthur Murray Greenwood is the perfect place to learn and prepare for your first dance, a mother & son dance, father & daughter dance, and even a wedding party group dance.

Dancing couple

Dancing lessons for couples, for their soul, and their lives.

You have made a lifelong commitment to the love of your life. You have set the date, found a reception hall, picked a caterer, sampled 50 types of wedding cakes, picked a DJ, and decided who you are inviting. Now comes the part that terrifies many couples: “Do we have to get up and dance in front of everyone?” “We don’t want to look dumb.”

At Arthur Murray Dance Studios, we want to take this worry away from you. Our certified instructors have taught thousands of wedding couples to be comfortable and confident for their first dance. We can help you pick your song.  We will customize a wedding program to fit your needs. Whether you want to stand out, blend in, or just get by during your reception, we will take care of you.

In fact, we will go one step further. In addition to preparing you for the wedding, we will go through your reception playlist with you and figure out what popular dances go with your favorite songs and then teach you the basics for those dances so you (and your wedding party if you wish) can comfortably

Dance lessons for couples include

  • Salsa
  • Tango
  • Hustle
  • Swing
  • Waltz
  • Cha-Cha
  • Ballroom
  • Country line dancing and country western partner’s dancing
  • And other contemporary and classical couples’ dances

Lessons are available now in small classes or as private lessons. You’ll also be able to attend weekly dance events at Arthur Murray Greenwood each week to sharpen your practice.

Dancing is undoubtedly good for the soul of any couple.

Couples that learn to dance enjoy more than just new skills, like:

  • Dancing together is good for your heart – mentally and physically.
  • Dancing may likely be the time you hold each other longest.
  • Solid self-esteem for individuals establishes stronger self-esteem as a couple.
  • Dancing sets the mood and tone of an evening, event, or party. You’ll be able to feel sexy and confident in the future at parties and other weddings beyond just yours.
  • Dancing can help establish a moment of alone time, even when you’re in a room with others. Imagine sharing a moment dancing years from now, even if it’s just in the kitchen.
  • You’ll improve your communication as a couple. Dancing requires both partners learn the ebbs and flows of their partner. Establishing the ability to communicate physically opens people to verbal and emotional communication later.

There are many dance styles available for couples that match a variety of styles. Salsa may be ideal for a fast-paced and energetic couple. Meanwhile, the Waltz may be more appealing to those accustomed to a slightly slower pace. For a more authentic affair, country western dancing is also available.

Arthur Murray Greenwood proudly serves everyone. Newlyweds, engaged couples, long-time partners, friends, and gay and lesbian couples can get started today.

To get started view our class schedule and come to a class, or contact us to schedule a private session.

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